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MBA Statement of Purpose Sample


Writing a statement of purpose for MBA is similar to writing a great advertising copy. Instead of selling a product, you are selling yourself to the admission committee. It is your opportunity to let them know why you want to do an MBA, what your skills are and how you’ll be a great asset to their school.

Just as you write a good advertising copy, you need to have a sound knowledge of your ‘product features’, i.e., your talents, personality traits, skills etc. You also need to know your target audience which is the business school you are applying to. You need to understand what they are looking for in a student and phrase your MBA SoP accordingly.

mba sop exampleHere Are a Few Tips to Help You Write a Strong MBA Statement of Purpose

Personal and professional:

Admission committees love to hear about your personal stories of success. A difficult personal background, achievements and inspiring life events add a certain spice to your SoP. But always keep in mind that your MBA SoP is more than just about your personal experiences. It should also include professional experiences and achievements. Don’t worry if you don’t have numerous work experiences, it is the quality and not the quantity of professional experiences that they are looking for, Write about the nature of work you have undertaken, your responsibilities, the size of your team, budget and results achieved.

Career aspirations:

Business schools are looking for potential leaders. They want you to already know where and what you want to achieve. They look for your short term and long term career goals. Do not write about how you have a vague idea about what you want to do with your career. Write specific career objectives and how getting an MBA can help you achieve them.

Show potential:

You need to convince the admission committee that you have the potential to be a great leader. They need to know that you have a proven track record of success. Be it academic or career-wise. You need to elaborate on your leadership skills and interpersonal skills, your ability to deliver results and shine even under pressure. The admission committee is also looking for individuals with good written and verbal skills, which will mostly be evident according to how you articulate your story.

Show interest in the school:

You need to showcase a true interest in the school and program you are applying to. For this you need to know about the school. Use the school website, ask some alumni, current students and even professors to know more about the school. You’ll get several prospective and this will help you in both writing your MBA SoP as well as in your interview.

What makes you an asset to the school?

Every student is chosen according to how they can add to the overall MBA experience of the school. You need be clear about how you can contribute to the classroom discussions, to case studies and projects. You also need to enumerate about the extra-curricular activities you plan to be a part of such as sports, community services and entertainment.

Error free:

Finally, check for spelling and grammatical errors and make sure that your statements have a proper flow. Stay away from clichés and overuse of flowery language. Give a confident and interesting vibe to the readers but stay away from overuse of flowery language. Keep it simple and clear. Ask someone who have a good eye for spotting errors to check your MBA statement of purpose for errors.

expert mba statement of purpose sample

Remember to start with an interesting story or anecdote and give a surmising conclusion in the end about the main points of your MBA statement of purpose.

       I have been almost a nomad for most of my life, and I have loved every second of it. Being from a military family, I traveled to many different countries, staying for a couple of years at each one. Traveling and exploring have become a part of me, and with that love, I have developed an interest in the developing economies across the world. During my travels, I have experienced many different markets and different relations within the economic hierarchy. My undergraduate degree was in international relations, where I sought to learn more about how to bridge the gap between cultural and political differences between countries. Now, after several years of working in the management field, I am ready to take my education to the next level. I want to learn how to apply cultural competency to business principles around the world – and a MBA in International Management from Gray University will prepare me to do just that. My position at Lockhart Marketing is a very unique one – I have no official title, but I also have a highly unusual job. I travel across the world, helping to forge contracts and establish new business relations across cultures and countries. My most memorable trip was one taken to Botswana, where I hoped to be able to partner with regional farmers to obtain high-quality raw materials while helping to boost the local economy through infrastructure. During this trip, I encountered many curious customs that directly impacted their negotiation style and even leadership strategies. If there’s anything that I’ve learned throughout my academic and professional career, it is that understanding the market will make a huge impact on the success of a business venture or project. In Botswana, understanding the needs and customs of the residents was crucial to forging positive business negotiations. In this rapidly globalizing world, new markets are arising constantly, and many of them come from distinct cultures and belief systems. As such, it is imperative to establish a thorough understanding of international markets in order to gain a more thorough comprehension of market trends.

       Despite my love for the job that I do, I believe it is time for me to return to school and formally complete my academic education. I have learned a lot regarding business principles and international concepts simply through interactions at work, but I seek to gain a broad perspective on the whole field that only an MBA in International Management can provide me. Gray University is known throughout Canada for its emphasis on hands-on internships and on-site exploration, which will easily allow me to transition from work back to school. Additionally, Gray University’s International Management MBA program is one of the few that allows its students to study in another country to gain a better understanding of foreign markets. I hope to take advantage of this opportunity to gain a first-hand perspective of international business, which will greatly help me in the future. I look forward to learning from my talented classmates as well as experienced professors in order to make the most out of my MBA experience at Gray University, preparing me for a successful career in International Management.

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