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How to Reply to Columbia Business School Prompts

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Columbia University is one of the hardest to get in. With an admission rate of only 18.2% among all the applicants, it is one university that demands high-quality from academic history to a good answer in the Columbia Business School prompts.

However, getting an admission only depends on how good you follow the Columbia Business School Application instructions we are going to show you next. Follow our MBA personal statement recommendations and we assure you an admission to this university without any problem. Take a look further and find out more!

writing columbia business school promptsRequirements for the Columbia Business School Application Process

columbia business school prompts sample

If you want to apply for this university, you will not only have to pass the entrance exam, you will need to comply with certain requirements and rules that utterly important at the moment of sending your application. Take a look at what you need to apply:

  • Transcripts of your grades in each College or University you’ve been.
  • A GPA over 3.0 according to the transcript
  • A GMAT or GRE Score. CBS only considers the highest score on any of these tests.
  • TOEFL, PTE or IELTS English Proficiency test for international applicants. This is of utmost importance.
  • MBA Personal Statement
  • Columbia Business School Prompts
  • At least 2 recommendations from previous professors or colleagues.
  • Availability to attend an interview at the university. This interview can be made in the applicant’s geographic. Made by invitation only.

As you see, the Columbia Business School application process is not too hard, but it demands the applicants to actually comply with certain minimum requirements that not everyone can meet. All of these requirements need to be presented before the end of Columbia business school application deadline.
how to answer columbia business school promptsmba personal statement order

Application Columbia Business School Prompts 2017

This university, just like other universities, also has the entrance exam that demands the students to answer a question in order to see how capable the applicants are when it comes to creativity, writing skills, and how honest they can be about themselves. Among the most common Columbia Business School Prompts, we can find these:

Prompt #1: Through your resume and recommendations, we have a clear sense of your professional path to date. What are your career goals over the next 3 – 5 years and what, in your imagination, would be your long-term dream job?

This essay prompt is one of the easiest and most understandable to answer. It simply asks students to talk about their goals and where do they expect to be after graduation. This is something very important for every university, as they need to know exactly how honest can a student be and what goals do they have, what exactly they could get advantage from exactly. However, this prompts needs to be answered with complete sincerity and go according to your past academic experiences and work history.

Clear Admit says:

“In short, make sure that your comments build on rather than repeat material that the admission committee can find in your recommendations or résumé.”

So, maintain coherence and relevance on your answer, make sure you explain how Columbia can be of great help according to what you’ve done before. But make sure you actually convince them of this. Just do not repent and be as honest as possible.

Prompt #2: The full-time MBA experience includes academics, recruiting and networking. What are your personal priorities and how do you anticipate allocating your time at Columbia Business School?

This essay is mainly made to find out what the applicant is focusing on when it comes to studying. But this can only be made if the student really knows what he’s applying for, from the different programs to subject and the whole MBA experience in CBS. This means, knowing how to answer correctly, according to what this program offers and according to the focus you will have as an applicant.

Clear Admit affirms that:

“Taking the time to learn about the school’s curriculum, special programs, and extracurricular activities–whether through a campus visit, conversations with current students, or just asking other people about whatever you can will pay dividends here.”

Essay #3: Please select and answer one of the following essay questions: a: Please tell us what you feel most passionate about in life. b: If you were given a free day and could spend it anywhere, in any way you choose, what would you do?

As you see, both these questions can be very hard to answer. However, they both have something in common, knowing more about the applicant in a personal way. In the case of the A question, the student needs to be as honest and confident as possible, making sure your interests, dreams and important events that you’ve experienced are all relevant to what you are trying to write about. Remember, it is all about honesty and talking about yourself at a deep level.

On the other hand, the second question can be easily answered. It’s just about thinking about a place that is both related to what you can learn in the university and related to your interests and part of your goals. This way you can eventually make a good answer.

Clear Admit recommends thinking about:

“How have you dedicated your time? What values have you fought for? Considering your actions will help you define the passion itself.”

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We have the perfect guidance and advice service plus a Statement of Purpose writing service that will help you overcome any problem you may have when it comes to applying. This way you can achieve an admission to the university of your liking without any problem.

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