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Why You Need to Write a GMAT Fee Waiver for MBA

Successfully getting an MBA can be both an honor and privilege. Many in the financial and corporate world have high regard to people who are MBA graduate and it can open many opportunities for you. But it can also be a very expensive endeavor to attempt to accomplish your business school admission.

Application fees alone can cost hundreds of dollars and most business schools also require you to take a GMAT vs. GRE for MBA before you apply and it also has a testing fee. And applying to well-known schools of business around the country can be very expensive as well and these expenses can pile even before you secure yourself to a school.

One way to curb your expenses is by planning to apply early this can help you save a few hundred dollars at the application phase. And you should start planning by making a short list on emory MBA application and other MBA top programs you are planning to apply. Research on how much your application will cost and other expenses you might need to pay once you can get in. You will find that applying to a handful of top-notched business school can already be expensive. The next thing you should look out for is if the school requires you to have a certain GMAT score, now this test is highly regarded by most schools and helps them weed out applicants in their MBA program. Remember that these schools have a high standard when it comes to their students. But what is the GMAT and why is it so significant?

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT

Well-known business schools use the Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT as a tool to evaluate the capabilities of their applicants. The GMAT creates a standardized testing score that can be used on multiple school application. This makes it easy to you as an applicant to apply to another school if they want without taking another test. You can say that a GMAT is a standardized entrance exam that is employed by different schools and programs. Now the testing fees can cost as much as $250 and that is on top of the fees that you will pay for admission for the school GMAT is overseen by a non-profit organization that is comprised of leading graduate business schools around the world. They are called the Graduate Management Admission Council or GMAC.

This added cost for the GMAT can be a burden to your MBA education. But you can try to ask for GMAT exam fee waiver but the council of GMAC does not do the approval of this. The school that you want to get into is the one who will approve your petition for the GMAT test fee waiver.

Can You Get GMAT Fee Waiver – the GMAT Fee Waiver Letter

To help slash some cost of your admission you can also provide a letter asking for an approval of the MBA application fee waiver. Write a letter that explains your financial situation and why you need to have a successful MBA application fee waiver. You can also show them that you are performing well in your work and your intent to be a good leader. A good way to show the admission committee that you are a great leader is by providing example either thru your resume or in your letter of intent for the MBA fee waivers and GMAT waiver.Writing a great letter will help you in your process and then you will have a better chance to be approved here are a few things you know how to get a fee waiver for GMAT.

Here are the details you might want to include in writing your low GMAT waiver letter:

  • Write about your work experience

A great way to showcase your leadership potential is by writing about your work experience. Give them a reason why the school will want to approve your request and let them see that you can be asset for their program. Remember that there is a good reason why their school holds such high esteem. This will be especially true if you are already holding a position in your company.

  • Write about your Financial Situation

If the reason why you can’t afford the GMAT fee is indeed due to financial burdens, then you should write about it in your GMAT fee waiver request. Some people do understand that people can be burdened by debt and may not be able to afford going to an ivy league school. An application fee waiver MBA for the GMAT fees can help you a long way. Don’t be embarrassed about it a lot of wealthy people started at the very bottom of society but overcame their situation.

  • Try not to Impose your opinion

Remember that what you are writing is a GMAT waiver request statement. And you should stick with that when GMAT waiver letter writing doesn’t steer the direction of your essay towards any particular political or religious sentiment. This can give a negative reaction to the school’s administration.
how to get fee waiver for gmatBut if you are not successful in waiving off the fees of the GMAT, you can always try to have the GMAT waived instead. But this can only be done by the GMAT fee waiver universities in USA. The process is similar to fee waiver GMAT but they do impose stricter condition when you want to apply. Here is a short list of the general things school take to consideration:

  • If you already finished a higher degree than a MBA, such as a MS for example then the most school will put this in consideration.
  • If you are a professional with certification that can showcase your expertise in finances, such as a CPA or CFA.
  • If you can demonstrate that you have at least 5 years of experience in your line of work. This can also give the school a good measure of consideration for your GMAT waiver MBA essay.

But if you are trying to apply into different schools then it is favorable for you to take the GMA. After all, you can use the results up to 5 years since you have taken the exam. And the credibility of your result can also give the schools you want to attend incentive to accept you in their program.

Let us write your GMAT fee waiver letter for your business school admission and expect only the best! Call us right now!