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How to Write a Low GMAT Score Waiver Letter

Why do business schools look at your GMAT score results? A large number of these schools will tell you that it is just a factor that they consider when screening applicants. But your GMAT vs GRE for MBA scores can actually tell them a lot of thing about their applicants. And is there a great importance in getting a higher score in your GMAT. Business schools see them as good indicators that you are up to the academic challenge of their school curriculum, like the duke MBA. And some of them have a high standard to keep.That is why in order to maintain their excellence they need a way to filter students and your GMAT results are the key to this.

If you have already taken the test and gotten super low GMAT score, then don’t worry about it, because there are still some options available for your dream to obtain an MBA. One option you can try is by choosing a school that does not require a very high GMAT score. Here are some schools that accept students with lower GMAT scores or don’t require you to take a GMAT:

University of South Florida Located in Tampa, FL this school can grant GMAT waiver MBA essay to applicants with 5 or more years of managerial experience.
Georgia Institute of Technology This school requires you to have a competitive score in your GMAT but it also accepts GMAT waiver request as well. This school is found in Atlanta, GE.
Hult International Business School Hult International uses their own Business Assessment Test rather than the GMAT. This school has many branches in different States; this includes San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA and New York City, NY.
Harvard Extension School This school requires you to earn the HBB CORe certificate. They are located in Cambridge, MA.
Kogod Scholl of Business Kogod does accept GMAT waiver request, but they require at least 3 years of working experience and successfully completing the CFA level 1 or a graduate degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

As you can see some business school put a lot of weight in the results of your GMAT. But they also know that some requirements can be demonstrated in other ways, like through professional or military experience. Schools will not generally consider an applicant with little work experience or only an undergraduate academic experience. But if you have at least 5 years working experience in financial institution or corporations then they might accept a GMAT waiver request letter from you. And this is the second option that you have in obtaining a MBA.

Low GMAT waiver letter writing is not a very hard task to do. The best way you approach this is by showing the school you want to apply in that you are capable of succeeding in the MBA curriculum. An optional essay explaining low GMAT score together with your admission essay is also a great indication of your professionalism, and the best ways you can show this is by stating the following in your letter:

  • Work Experience. A great way in letting them know that you are a hard working individual, and willing to do all you can do as part of your job experience for MBA. Then you should explain your role and elaborate on your job experiences in your workplace. Try to demonstrate your areas of expertise and abilities that you excel in.
  • Leadership. A great way to show that you will fit in their program is by showing them your leadership skill. If you already have management or a supervisor experience, then write about your task and contributions. Or if you have not yet held a position then describe your role in your department.
  • Analytical Skills. Another asset that can show them that you are capable of succeeding in their program is by writing about your work experience and how you to gained analytical skills from it.
  • Be clear and Concise. When demonstrating your talents and accomplishments try to give specifics and not just generalities. Clearly describe the skills you have acquired with concise examples and actual events.
  • Minimizing Opinion. And you should try to avoid adding your opinion in your letter. Always stick to the facts because opinions are subjective and may come off as inappropriate.

The low GMAT score waiver is only one of the requirements that will ask in your admission to your school. The admission may ask for your resume, transcripts or even letters of recommendation from your supervisors of the company. So make sure that your letter will be corroborated with your resume and recommendations. If you have demonstrated growth in your letter, your resume and recommendation must reflect this as well. This is why you should focus on your waiver letter writing. This is how to address low GMAT score when applying for your MBA application.

low gmat waiver letter writing tips

Career progression can also indicate to a high chance of your survival in their rigorous MBA programs. A good recommendation from your superior can also show that you have a great potential to be a leader and is trusted by your superiors.

While a low GMAT score essay can help you, another great option you could do is by retaking the GMAT. And this may be considered the most direct way you can address a low GMAT score. Most business schools do not take this negatively and will consider the highest score that you achieved when you are applying to their program. Some school will even suggest that you take the exam again if they see that you have the capacity to improve your GMAT score the second test. There is really no downside in taking the test again. So as long as you prepare and study more the second –time around. The school might not mind but you should aim higher for your own reasons.

So don’t feel too down if you scored low on your GMAT, remember that you still have more options on. What is important now is that you are striving for your hopes and dream. And one day you might get your MBA and get a promotion or more opportunities in your career.If you believe that becoming a manager is your future then getting in your dream business school is only a start in your life. So take the leap of faith and plan for tomorrow.

Call us today and find get a lot of burden off your shoulder by allowing us to help you in your low GMAT waiver letter writing!