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GMAT vs GRE Waiver Writing for Your MBA Application

Getting an MBA can give you great opportunities in your professional career. If you have the chance to obtain it, then it is highly recommended that you try to pursue it. This not only will make a lot of doors be open for your company but other job opportunities as well. But getting into a good business school and processing your MBA application can be hard, especially now that most schools not only look at their applicant’s business background and acumen. An admission essay will be required but schools nowadays also look towards applicants that have certain GRE to GMAT score to consider.

The question now is, “Should I take the GRE or GMAT Exam?” And that would largely depend on the school you want to attend to. Some business schools prefer those who have high scores on their GMAT and some prefer those who do well in their GRE’s. And there are still those who give equal weight to both of the exams. So the next logical question how to choose which to pick, and the best way to know this is by identifying similarities and difference between GMAT and GRE:

Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT is one of the requirements that must be undertaken in order to be qualified for a lot of business schools in the country. This is why you should learn how to GMAT and undergo the process for your examination.

The Graduate Management Admission Test is comprised of the following subtests that take about 3 to 5 hours to accomplish:

  • Analytic Section – Essay (30 minutes)
  • Integrated Reasoning Section (30 minutes)
  • Quantitative Section (75 minutes)
  • Verbal Section (75 minutes)

A computer-adaptive test, GMAT can cost you approximately $250. You can be scored within the range of 200 to 800 points, which comes in a 10-point increment. And finally, its validity will last for 5 years upon the date of the exam, which is what business schools will consider.  These details are the GMAT GRE comparison you should take into account. Also, you can read about GMAT fee waiver.

Graduate Records Examinations

GRE, on the other hand, is required to be admitted to most graduate schools and a growing number of business schools.

The Graduate Records Examinations can take you approximately 3.5 hours on paper or 3.75 hours via computer to accomplish the entire test. This test is comprised of the following subtests:

  • Two Essays for Analytical Writing Section (30 minutes each – 60 minutes in total)
  • Verbal Reasoning Section (30 minutes)
  • Two Tests for Quantitative Reasoning Section (35 minutes each – 70 minutes in total)
  • Experimental Section – Math/Verbal (30-35 minutes)

difference between gmat and gre

A computer adaptive test, GRE can cost you around $195 for your to take. The scoring range of the test is at 130 to 170 (with 1-point increment) that can be applicable to both the quantitative and verbal part of the exam. And similar to the GMAT your scores, your average GRE scores are also considered valid for up to 5 years.

Now hearing about their similarities and difference you might be thinking that it is hard or an expense that you cannot afford. But this is an investment for your future, you should consider the things you might learn and the opportunities an MBA could give you. But if you are really hard on cash at the moment, you could try to apply for a GMAT or GRE for MBA. Now not all business schools will allow a GMAT or GRE waiver however those that do generally will allow them for the following reasons:

  • If you already have a higher degree such as a MS from a recognized and reputable school or university while finishing it with high GPA scores.
  • Another way that they will allow your GRE or GMAT waiver MBA is you are a recognized professional of your field with certifications that shows your ability and expertise, for an example a CPA or CFA.
  • Your waiver will also be considered if you can demonstrate a large amount of business experience and acumen in your field or company. Typically 5 or even 10 years of excellent work experience or depending on the program and the school you are planning to apply. A good way to do this is by getting a recommendation from your company or superiors.

You should simply decide if you need to take GMAT or GRE for business school after this incredibly thorough research. More than that, you can also learn more by visiting Manhattan prep forum to prepare yourself.

gre waiver letter

Now a GMAT vs GRE waiver letter is not so difficult to write as it should be made up of the reasons why you cannot take the exam. Try to be very concise and to the point when you are writing the letter. You must be professional in your tone and try to write formally. Here are a few points that your letter should cover:

  • You should clearly explain your role and experience in your company. This is to demonstrate to the school your areas of expertise.
  • If you are already at middle management or a supervisor you can write about your leadership. Or if not then show them what your role in the team is and how it affects your company as a whole.
  • You can also write about your work experience and how it has helped you to gain analytical skills.
  • Try to demonstrate clearly the skills you have acquired with concise examples and not just general examples such as “strong leadership skills”.
  • Refrain from including your opinions in your waiver letter; it may come off as inappropriate.

Now that you know what to write you should also know that the letter is not the only thing that the school will be requiring for the waiver. Different schools and programs will have a variety of other requirements.But the typical requirements will be more or less like these:

  • One of the most basic requirements that the business school would ask are scanned copies of your transcripts and other certificates. This will be included with your GMAT or GRE waiver request letter.
  • The GMAT v GRE waiver letter should always be backed up with an up-to-date resume. Your resume should also highlight your leadership and analytical skills.
  • In addition, you should also remember that you are required to submit 2-3 letters of recommendation from your company or employer. All of these should be submitted on time with your other requirements.

Those are not always the only things that your business school might be requiring but they are the most basic. You should get in touch with the admission office of your desired school as soon as possible. Hopefully, you would consider getting a GMAT vs GRE for MBA if you are having some financial or familial difficulties. But it is always a good idea to invest in your future.

Can’t figure out the whole GMAT vs GRE for MBA thing? We are here to help you clear things up!